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The PowerPyramide

NEW: THE PP-Mobile-transformer!!!

The PowerPyramide is a form of energy, you can energetic feel, but is invisible for the human eye!

The PowerPyramide is one of the spiritual posibilities to help the earth and all beings on the earth. Help and assist the angels to do their work on the earth.
The PowerPyramide gives you the opportunity for this.
Without previous knowledge you learn in our basic-workshop to work with the PowerPyramide and to build up a platform for the angels on the earth.
With the PowerPyramide the angels are able to change incompatible energy, which is sneaky distroying the earth, into compatible and useful energy. During this time the process is always changing.
A buildup and activated PowerPyramide is connecting itself to all the other PowerPyramide, who are activated at the same time.
They are building up a worldwide network to canalize positiv energy.
In consideration of the many natural disasters is this a possibility for you to do something for the earth.

You have already attended the Basic Seminar and you want
- to transmit the Powerpyramide in the distance without being physically present at the place? Photo, video or eye contact is enough!
- to buildup the PowerPyramide in living beings to harmonize disturbed areas in the body?
With the advanced seminar, we offer you the opportunity.


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Earth healing

Problem solving, harmonisation, energizing of power places, people, rooms, buildings and land

Topical solutions for beings (people, animals, plants) are also possible with oracles in the PowerPyramide (for example: angel cards, runes, I Ching, Tarot),
energizing and activating of healing stones,water, oils and other support materials

Energetic room cleaning

Raising the energy in treatment rooms and seminar rooms (for example: under a treatment couch)