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Seminar outside Hameln/Germany

NEW: THE PP-Mobile-transformer!!!

The PowerPyramide Basic-Seminar:
--- How I build up a PowerPyramide
--- How I activate/deactivate it
--- What must I do in healing
--- Terms of activated PowerPyramid
--- The PowerPyramide and Rainbow Reiki 2
--- The PowerPyramide and schamanic oracle cards
--- Seminar materials

The PowerPyramide Advanced Seminar:
--- Requirement is PowerPyramide Basic
--- How do I work with the PowerPyramideStick
--- How do I build the PowerPyramide in the distance
--- How do I build the PowerPyramide in living beings
--- What I have to note
--- Seminar materials

PowerPyramide Basic

Seminar fee outside of Hameln 120, - €
+ 9 activated PowerPyramide lightgates 90, - €
= Seminar manual including 210, - €

The activated PP - lightgates are necessary part of the seminar

PowerPyramide Advanced

Seminar fee outside of Hameln 120, - €
+ 1 activated PowerPyramideStick 80, - €
= Seminar manual including 200, - €

The activated PP - stick is necessary part of the seminar

Seminar times:
Saturday or Sunday
10:00 - 17:30 clock
Lunch Break 13:00 - 14:00 clock

Guest fee:
If you have visited one of the seminars already with us, you can forward this for 35,- € to repeat.

The seminar will be held in German language, English is also available on request.