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Goddess amulets

Individually made for you, or a theme of life
You wish you a companion in everyday life?
Something that will support you in your way of life,
that gives you strength and assistance?

I manufacture for you an individual goddess amulet.
This amulet is tailored to your present way of life and your spiritual development.
You will receive an activation mantra to the amulet in especially difficult circumstances to ask for additional assistance.
---> Cost: 80,- € plus shipping
When shipped only after payment!

That's what I need from you:
-- 1 photo
-- born Date and Time
-- born site
-- and if you like a short phone call or personal conversation

There are even goddess amulets with the main themes of life, for example:
Love, hope, health, career, vocation, energy,
Harmony, peace, joy, sensuality, grace

---> Cost: 50,- € plus shipping
When shipped only after payment!

Every goddess amulet is made from wood and hand-crafted.

Please let accompany you.