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Light gates

Make your garden to a place of Power or
help your place of Power to get new energies.

Permanently installed PowerPyramide light gates individually for your garden
or a base PowerPyramide light gate for a place of Power in a court near to your home.

The individual PowerPyramide light gate (on request)

Example: Individual PowerPyramide light gate

---> It is to install on your site or at your special favorite place in nature, for example: forest, meadow, spring. Remember that it can not move with you and is bound to this place.

The place of Power PowerPyramide light gate

---> You have a place of Power near to your home and you want that it will be connected to the PowerPyramide light gate net.

The installation of the initiated light gate during a ritual can only be performed by a person who is initiated into the PowerPyramide.
We are happy to share with you a contact near you.

Each light gate:
90,- € plus shipping
The cost for the installation of the light gate has to be settled separately with your contact.