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PP-Electrosmog / Wireless beams / DECT phone-trans

NEW: THE PP-Mobile-transformer!!!

The PP-EWD-transformer is a new tool that we have got from the angels of PowerPyramide.
The PP-EWD-transformer is used to reduce interferences caused by electrosmog, wireless beams and DECT phone beams in rooms and houses.

After activation of the PP-EWD-transformer by the mantra the Bovis value (a measure of vital energy) will significantly increased.
This can be verified by means of pendulum and pendulum table.

The PP-EWD-transformer ( Examples )

Each PP-EWD-transformer is unique and handmade.

Cost: 300,- € plus shipping
Shipping only after payment

The effects of our products relate to the experience of the user.
They are not scientifically proven.