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PP-Vitadisc exclusive

Each PP-Vitadisc exclusive furniture is unique.

Knowledge to use the PP-Vitadisc exclusive furniture is not required!

To use this furniture is like working with a PP-Vitadisc.

Hier kannst du dir dein PP-Vitascheiben exklusiv Möbel aussuchen

Our stock of the "Monkeytree" is very limited.
If no more items in our selection to be present, it can take up to 6 months until new ones are available.
These are no stock items, we select them at our suppliers by our self.
Again, it happened to us, that the one ore the other stool does not "want to" to come with us.
Delivery only after payment!

Wood is a natural product that still lives on, even after cutting.
In spite of long drying processes, and the greatest care it may be caused by environmental influences to cracking.
This will not affect the function of the PP-Vitadisc exclusive and is not be entitled for exchange.

Using the PP-Vitadisc exclusive furniture (sample)