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Working with the PowerPyramide

With the PowerPyramide we work to harmonize power places, laylines and more. We also work with people and animals. The PowerPyramide is the effective tool that everybody can do his part.

The new moon ritual:

If something needs to be started again, it makes sense to build the PowerPyramide to new moon.

Important for the new moon ritual:
Write a note with your request that you want to be supported through the waxing moon phase, or
if your new beginning needs the help of the angels.
Lay the list in the center of PowerPyramide.
Build up your PowerPyramide, activate it and sing the mantras.
The next day you close your PowerPyramide,
thank the Spirits for their help and burn the paper.
We hope that very many PowerPyramide will be active.
We welcome anyone who is privy to the PowerPyramide and is able to participate in this ritual.
During this ritual, the activated PowerPyramide connect worldwide to form a network.
The more PowerPyramide are active the higher is the healing factor.

Important for the full moon ritual:
Our full moon ritual starts one day before full moon and ends one day after full moon. During this time the MasterPowerPyramide is activated. We are happy about everyone who is invited in the PowerPyramide and able to take an active part in this ritual. During this ritual all activated PowerPyramide are connecting itself together to buildup a worldwide network. As more PowerPyramide are activated at the same time as higher is the healing factor.