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The PP-Vitadisc is a new tool that we have provided by the angels of the PowerPyramide. On a simple way all liquids and foods will be energized by the angels of the PowerPyramide.

For this you stand or lay the liquids or foods just on the symbols. After the activation of the PP-Vitadisc by the mantra the Bovis-value (a measure of vital energy) is raised up significantly.

NEW: An additional Mantra prevents a normal decrease of energy caused by the environment.

The PP Vitadisc works also with the surrounding,
this can be verified by means of pendulum and pendulum table.

The PP-Vitadisc can also be used to solve physical problems.
The effects of our products relate to the experience of the user.
They are not scientifically proven.

Each PP-Vitadisc is unique and handmade.

The build in compass of the PP-Vitadisc is not a high performance compass and can only be used to determine approximate directions. The susceptibility is very high in this size of the compass.

Therefore we will deliver the new PP-Vitadisc with a separate compass.

A prerequisite for using the PP-Vitadisc is not required!

Cost: 100 - € plus shipping
Shipping only after payment